On why Herman Cain isn’t sunk with the GOP: “If party bosses were still vetting the candidates in smoke-filled rooms, they would have reached an obvious conclusion: Cain is in no way qualified to be president. He has many admirable qualities, but he does not have the knowledge or the experience to lead the country. Even his campaign fails every basic test of competence. Except one — that he has been rising in the polls. What’s that about?” write Third Way’s Bill Schneider and Nancy Hirst. (Politico)

The claim that Stuxnet gave the West more time on the Iranian nuclear threat is “divorced from reality,” writes Stephen Rademaker and Blaise Misztal of the Bipartisan Policy Center. (Washington Post)

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Executive privilege claim ahead on Solyndra (Washington Examiner)

In a Sunday op-ed, Brookings scholar William Galston made the case for mandatory voting. Room for Debate takes on some of the finer points. (New York Times)

Cato’s Michael Tanner claims to have found the real 1 percenters, but does it change the Occupy Wall Street concerns? (New York Post)

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