“Justice Antonin Scalia needs to resign from the Supreme Court...He’d have a lot of things to do. He’s a fine public speaker and teacher. He’d be a heck of a columnist and blogger. But he really seems to aspire to being a politician — and that’s the problem,” writes Brookings’ E.J. Dionne. (Washington Post)

The Supreme Court decision on immigration opens the path for sensible immigration reform, says AEI’s Michael Barone. (National Review)

How not to write about the Supreme Court decision. (ThinkProgress)

Bankruptcy of Stockton, CA: “In the past three years, the city cut $90 million from its budget and laid off a quarter of its cops and about a third of its firefighters. Park upkeep and street sweeping went by the boards. Libraries slashed hours. Every city worker took a pay cut. And that wasn’t enough. Not even close,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Ben Boychuk. (New York Post)

Peter Peterson: How to handle our long-term debt. (Politico)

Room for Debate asks: You can track your kids. But should you? (New York Times)