Jonah Goldberg on Obama’s “you didn’t build that’ comment : “At best, Obama’s “gaffe” is a banal truism, and if the president’s praetorians want to defend him on grounds of platitudinous banality, fine. But even they have to know in their hearts that this is a pathetic maneuver, given that the reason they’re rushing to defend Obama in the first place is his commitment to the very philosophy they deny he’s espousing.” (National Review)

Room for Debate: Why do the Boy Scouts exclude gays? (New York Times)

“The electric grid is the heart of our ability to function as a society. We have 18 major infrastructures that keep our civilization operating — water, sewage, telecommunications, transportation, etc. All 17 of the others depend in one way or another on electricity. Imagine what it would be like for an electrical outage to last for months or years as a result of a cyber- or terrorist attack instead of merely for days,” writes R. James Woolsey. (Washington Times)

CFR’s Richard Haass: Time to drop the Annan plan. (CNN)

Manhattan Institute’s James Copland: Unions target corporations through shareholder activism. (Washington Examiner)

“Fareed Zakaria is a good journalist. But he’s also human. In his Washington Post column yesterday, Zakaria concludes that President Obama has a stronger case to make for his economic prescriptions than does Governor Romney. However, that conclusion—at least as presented in the column—is premised on a misreading of some recently published data,” writes Cato’s Daniel Ikenson. (Cato)

CFR’s Amity Shlaes: Let states do the tax-collecting dirty work. (Bloomberg)