Gen. Petraeus isn't the only one who found himself surrounded by Kagans.

The morning's think tank news: Biden-NRA talks, universal background checks, empowering the president's cabinet, Sandy and entitlements and more.

The morning's think tank news: Biden-NRA gun control talks shift to Wal-Mart, Brennan and drones, the importance of a debt ceiling fight, and why Hagel's service doesn't count.

How did this happen? The American Conservative and The American Prospect are now sharing office space.

The morning's think tank news: Chuck Hagel nomination a waste of political capital? Lines in the debt-ceiling sand, health care in the "fiscal cliff" deal and more.

Former USAID senior adviser Nicole Goldin joins CSIS to lead global youth development initiative.

The morning's think tank news: John Brennan CIA nomination less scrutinized than Hagel; Is he the right man now?

There's a personnel shake up on the executive team at the Center for a New American Security.

The Republican party and prominent conservatives are putting together the framework for what proves to be a difficult nomination hearing for Chuck Hagel to become Secretary of Defense.

The Century Foundation names three new fellows to tackle economic and social inequality.

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