Romney muddles his tax message: “Now struggling in the polls, the Republican nominee said this week that President Obama had not raised taxes and downplayed the tax relief in his own proposal. Both statements left some on the right dumbfounded. . .’It’s not a particularly compelling message to tell people you’re not going to see much of a tax cut, at least in the way most people think of tax cuts,’ said Jim Pethokoukis of the American Enterprise Institute, noting that Romney’s plans would offset rate cuts with the elimination of tax deductions.” (The Hill)

Mitt Romney’s recent comments on his tax plan and President Obama’s tax policies have left Republicans scratching their heads.


“Here’s my plea to Jim Lehrer: At the first presidential debate in Denver next Wednesday, ask the candidates if they are in favor of restoring majority rule in this country. In other words, ask them if they would urge the Senate to scrap the filibuster — and if not, how do they expect to get anything done?” writes CAP’s Matt Miller. (Washington Post

Romney falsely claims Pentagon cuts will impact veterans. (ThinkProgress)

“During the same week when the American ambassador to Libya was murdered and his dead body dragged through the streets by celebrating mobs, the president of the United States found time to go on the David Letterman show to demonstrate his sense of humor and how cool he is,” writes Hoover’s Thomas Sowell. (National Review)

Phillis Bennis: Palestinian Chairman Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the United Nations, told of the worst of times. (IPS)

AEI’s Jonah Goldberg: The tribe of liberty. (National Review)

How cell phones are facilitating better health care. (ThinkProgress)

Politico’s Arena asks:  Regular National Football League referees are heading back to work, thanks largely to the attention the strike drew from top politicians, the officials’ top labor union negotiator told POLITICO. The national political outcry came from pols including President Obama, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Bill Clinton – a level of politicization that surprised the negotiator. Is the involvement of politicians in the lockout a sign that professional sports are becoming too politicized? Or was the conversation a welcome break from the grind of the campaign?