8:45 Women after the Arab Awakening: An all day event with Dalia Ziada , Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies; Hala Al Dosari, Saudi Arabia Ph.D. candidate in health services research; Haleh Esfandiari, Director, Woodrow Wilson Center; Honey Al Sayed, Syria Program, Nonviolence International (Wilson Center

9:00 Children’s Literacy: Raising the Bar with Ron Haskins, Brookings; Cara Cassell, SERP Institute; Matthew M. Chingos, Brookings; Michael Petrilli,Thomas B. Fordham Institute; Isabel V. Sawhill, Brookings; Catherine Snow,Harvard University (Brookings)

9:00 The China-India Nuclear Crossroads with Lora Saalman,Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Gaurav Kampani, Stanford University; Wang Ting, Stanford University; Ashley J. Tellis, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Li Bin, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP)

10:00 Advancing Offshore Safety with James Watson, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement; Charlie Williams, Center for Offshore Safety;Svein Erik Eide, Statoil; Elgie Holstein, Environmental Defense Fund; Michael R. Bromwich, CSIS (CSIS)

11:00 Iron Dome: An Examination of the Important Strategic Partnership on Missile Defense Between Israel and the United States with Baker Spring, The Heritage Foundation; Ilan Berman,American Foreign Policy Council; Randy Jennings, P-51 Consulting LLC; Lt. Col. Merav Davidovits, Embassy of Israel (Heritage)

11:00 The Missing Link: How Can the Pakistani Diaspora Improve U.S.-Pakistan Ties? with Irfan Malik, USPAK Foundation; Aakif Ahmad, Wilson Center (Wilson Center

12:00 The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Quest for a 21st Century Trade Agreement with Deborah Elms, Temasek Foundation Centre for Trade & Negotiations, Singapore; Thomas Bollyky, Council on Foreign Relations; Kimberly Elliott, Peterson Institute for International Economics; Meredith Kolsky Lewis, ASIL Interest Group, Law in the Pacific Rim Region (Center for Global Development

12:15 Beyond Sticker Shock: How Is Big Money Changing Politics in 2012? with Trevor Potter, Campaign Legal Center; Michael Scherer, TIME Magazine; Mark Schmitt, New America Foundation; Katherine Mangu-Ward, New America Foundation (New America Foundation)

2:00 China Beige Book Event with Leland R. Miller, CBB International; Craig Charney, CBB International; Christopher K. Johnson, CSIS (CSIS)

4:00 Justice Scalia: The right — and wrong — ways to interpret legal texts with Eugene B. Meyer,The Federalist Society; Arthur C. Brooks, AEI ; Justice Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court of the United States; Henry Olsen, AEI  (AEI)

4:30 Women, Peace and Security in Afghanistan with in partnership with Amnesty International USA featuring Mahbouba Seraj, Organization for Research in Peace and Solidarity; Hasina Safi, the Afghanistan Women’s Education Centre; Chantal de Jonge Oudraat, SIPRI North America; Jolynn Shoemaker, Women In International Security; Cristina Finch, Amnesty International USA (CSIS)