The Heritage Foundation has graduated another class of junior Hill staffers through its annual conservative education and professional development program, the Heritage Congressional Fellows (HCF).

 This year’s class, a total of 61 Senate and House staffers, is the largest group to date in Heritage’s congressional outreach program. 

Each week, from February to October, young congressional staffers meet to listen to speakers that have included Tucker Carlson of the Daily Caller, former U.S. Attorney General and Heritage scholar Edwin Meese III, Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard and former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen.

This year, the weekly session topics included “Taxmageddon,” “Obamacare,” “First Principles” and “Religious Liberty in a Secular Age.” The program culminated in a graduation luncheon featuring conservative scholar Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute, who discussed “the disturbing trends he sees in this nation’s demographics that uproot the common civic culture once shared by all classes.”

According to Heritage, HCF is “an educational program designed to give junior congressional staffers the tools to develop, promote and defend conservative principles and policies. Our graduates understand America’s First Principles, have a firm grounding in policy, and possess the practical job skills to advance their careers.”

Heritage Congressional Fellows learn:

  1. First Principles: Understand the foundational concepts that guide politics and policy.
  2. Policy Basics and Hot Topics: Learn the basics of foreign and domestic policy from Heritage experts and D.C. insiders.
  3. Job Skills: Gain the practical skills to succeed on Capitol Hill.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However, to attend the first session, candidates must apply by February 22, 2013.

Read the full list of 2012 Heritage Congressional Fellows program graduates and their offices.