9:00 Europe’s Crisis and the Welfare State: Lessons for the United States, an all day conference with keynote address from Josef Joffe, Publisher & Editor, Die Zeit, and Fellow in International Relations, Hoover Institution (Cato)

10:00 Intelligence and Security Failure: Attacks in Benghazi and Across the Middle East Reveal Ongoing Threat of Terrorism with Peter Brookes, Heritage Foundation; Fred Fleitz, Langley Intelligence Group; Thomas Varney, security consultant; Morgan Roach, Heritage Foundation; Helle Dale, Heritage (Heritage Foundation

11:30 Science left behind: Feel-good fallacies and the rise of the anti-scientific left with Kenneth P. Green, AEI; Alex B. Berezow, Real Clear Science (AEI)

12:30 Interfaith Cooperation in Nigeria with Reverend Father George Ehusani, Lux Terra Leadership Foundation; Nurudeen Lemu, Islamic Education Trust; Udo Ilo, Open Society Initiative for West Africa (CSIS

12:30 The Vice Presidential Debate: A Live Web Chat with Elisabeth Jacobs (Brookings)

1:00 Election 2012: The National Security Agenda with Richard Verma, Obama Campaign; Dov S. Zakheim, Romney Campaign; Peter Bergen, New America Foundation; Thomas Donnelly, AEI; Richard Fontaine, Center for a New American Security (AEI, CNAS, New America Foundation)

2:00 What are the Prospects for Democratization in the Arab World? with Laurel Miller, RAND; Jeffrey Martini, RAND (RAND)

2:00 Countering Radical Narratives through Cooperation with Pakistani Civil Society with Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi, World Organization for Resource Development and Education; Mehreen Farooq, World Organization for Resource Development and Education; Knox Thames, U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom; Lisa Curtis, Heritage (Heritage)

3:00 The Future of Retirement in East Asia with Richard Jackson, CSIS; Sandy Mackenzie, AARP Public Policy Institute; Alessandro Pio, Asian Development Bank (CSIS)

4:00 Venezuela Elections: What Just Happened? with Pedro M. Burelli, B+V Consulting; Leopoldo J. Martínez, Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas; Carl Meacham, Senior Professional Staff Committee on Foreign Relations (CSIS)