9:00 Relations with China from the Perspectives of Brazil, U.S. and Canada Global Businesses with Anthony Harrington, Brazil Institute Advisory Board; J. Stapleton Roy, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States; Sergio Amaral, China-Brazil Business Council; Thomas Mack McLarty, McLarty Associates; Claudio Frischtak, Consultant of China-Brazil Business Council; Richard Lapper, Financial Times; Peter Harder, Canada-China Business Council; Erin Ennis, U.S.-China Business Council (Wilson Center

9:00 Arms Race vs. Relay Race: What Does Innovation Hold for China? with Yasheng Huan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Adam Segal, Council on Foreign Relations; Denis Simon, Arizona State University; Yifei Sun, California State University, Northridge; Steve LeVine, New America Foundation (New America Foundation

9:30 The redistribution recession: How labor market distortions contracted the economy with Casey Mulligan, University of Chicago; Robert Moffitt, Johns Hopkins University; Alan D. Viard, AEI (AEI)

12:00 Theodore Roosevelt: Conservative Icon or Progressive Crusader? with Jean Yarbrough, author of Theodore Roosevelt and the American Political Tradition (Heritage

12:00 The Economic Effects of Military Spending with Benjamin Zycher, Pacific Research Institute; Stephen S. Fuller, George Mason University; Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal; Christopher Preble, Cato Institute (Cato

12:00 Give Me Regulation: From Samuel Insull to James E. Rogers in the Electric Power Industry with Robert L. Bradley Jr., Institute for Energy Research; David Boaz, Cato Institute (Cato

12:00 U.S.-Israel Cooperation on Iran with Brig. Gen. (ret) Shlomo Brom, Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv; Meir Javedanfar, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, Israel; Michael Singh, Washington Institute for Near East Policy (Center for American Progress)

1:00 The Ayatollah’s Nuclear Gamble: the Human Cost of Military Strikes against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities with Khosrow B. Semnani, “The Ayatollah’s Nuclear Gamble”; Haleh Esfandiari, Middle East Program; Barbara Slavin, Atlantic Council (Wilson Center)

2:00 Witness to a Revolution: Documenting Visits to Libya, Egypt, and Syria with Barak Barfi, New America Foundation; Peter Bergen, New America Foundation (New America Foundation)