Campaigns See Latino Voters as Deciders in 3 Key States: “Volunteers for President Obama have flooded into Latino-owned nail salons here, buttonholing potential Obama voters as they sit captive in their chairs. In Colorado, supporters of Mitt Romney are recruiting Latino owners of small businesses to reach out to other business owners whom they view as particularly receptive to the Republican economic message.” (New York Times)

Room for Debate asks: To expand the economy, should the United States enact policies to address inequality? And if so, what initiatives would promote growth and reduce the income gap? (New York Times)

GOP Senate candidate admits to owning stock in companies that do business with Iran. (ThinkProgress)

AEI’s Jonah Goldberg: Spinning the ‘pile of manure’ economy. (National Review)

“The four military services in the Defense Department differ in their roles, missions and skills — which are good reasons to retain their separate identities. But as the duties of the uniformed service chiefs have converged with those of the civilian secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force, the latter have become redundant appendages. Eliminating those positions would save money and streamline management, a good example for the rest of government. In today’s climate of fiscal austerity, cutting overhead is better than cutting defense programs,” writes Harold Brown. (Washington Post)

Manhattan Institute’s Yevgeniy Feyman: The new American exceptionalism. (Washington Examiner)

Ian Bremmer and and Mark Leonard: U.S.-German relationship on the rocks. (Washington Post)