9:30 Strategic Steps for Global Action on Maternal Health Medicines with Deborah Armbruster, USAID; Dr. Kennedy Chibwe, United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP); Ann Starrs, Global Partnership for Maternal and Newborn Health; Kristy Kade, PATH; Jagdish Upadhyay, Global Program to Enhance Reproductive Health Commodities Security, UNFPA (Wilson Center)

10:00 Mobile Entrepreneurship around the World with Alex Counts, The Grameen Foundation; Mwangi S. Kimenyi, Africa Growth Initiative; Brooke Partridge, Vital Wave Consulting (Brookings Institution)

12:00 National Security Challenges from an Israeli Perspective with Major General Yossi Baidatz, Israeli Defense Force (Heritage Foundation)

12:00 Africa’s Third Liberation: The New Search for Prosperity and Jobs with Jeffrey Herbst, Colgate University; Todd Moss, Center for Global Development; Marian L. Tupy, Cato Institute. (Cato Institute, Center for Global Development)

1:00 The Derwin Pereira Indonesia Initiative with Rachmat Gobel, Gobel Group  (CSIS)

1:30 2012 American Values Survey: Assessing Political and Moral Views on the Economy and Social Issues in a Shifting Religious Landscape with Melissa Deckman, Washington College; Michele Dillon, University of New Hampshire; John Sides, George Washington University (Brookings Institution)

4:00 Foreign Relations of the United States and the Cuban Missile Crisis with Christian F. Ostermann, Woodrow Wilson Center; Philip D. Zelikow, University of Virginia; Edward C. Keefer, Foreign Relations of the United States series; David G. Coleman, Miller Center of Public Affairs (Wilson Center)