President Obama’s reelection win over Republican candidate Mitt Romney by an electoral college tally of 303 to 206 was “a devastating blow, but it’s not a decisive defeat,” according to Michael Needham, chief executive of Heritage Action for America, the lobbying wing of the Heritage Foundation. 

In a video released Wednesday and targeted toward conservatives, Needham says, “We are in a war — we’re in a war to save this nation.” 

The video hammers on full implementation of “Obamacare,” “exploding” federal spending, “hollowing out” the U.S. military and the “bankruptcy of President Obama’s vision” as reasons to support Heritage Action.  

All pages at Heritage Action’s Web site currently lead to a donation page, without the ability to click through to any of the organization’s content pages to learn about the organization or their initiatives. 

In a $200,000 fundraising campaign leading up to the Nov. 6 election, Needham appealed to conservatives to donate as little at $2 to reach a swing voter — a goal that was exceeded within days. 

Heritage Action’s campaign to get out the vote for conservatives has racked up some impressive numbers so far:

17. Number of Liberty Centers — or conservative “base camps” — we have established in swing districts across the nation to equip and prepare volunteers to reach voters

410,000. Number of swing voters reached to date through door-to-door canvassing and phone-banking.

$2. Amount it costs our team to reach one swing voter, make contact and provide them with literature to turn them out to vote for conservatives. But the most important number is the number of voters we have yet to reach: 90,000 voters.

Our team of grassroots activists has made big strides, but we need your help to reach these critical swing voters in vulnerable districts with less than two weeks until the election. We have 90,000 voters left to reach before we reach our goal. And your support is critical to helping us meet or exceed this goal.

Our team has dispersed across the nation, equipped with our conservative Heritage Action scorecard, research and facts from The Heritage Foundation, and an army of committed volunteers.

We have 90,000 voters left to reach. So please consider making a donation today to help our team reach half a million or more swing voters before election day.

For every $2 you donate, we can reach one more voter in this critical election. Thank you for all you do.

Michael Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America