9:00 Women Leading a Progressive Interpretation of the Shariah Law: Case Studies from Musawah (A Global Movement for Equality and Justice in the Muslim Family) with Zainah Anwar, Sisters in Islam  (Wilson Center)

9:15 America and China in the Aftermath of Election and Succession: Paths and Pitfalls with Jonathan D. Pollack, Brookings Institution; Cheng Li, Brookings Institution; Kenneth G. Lieberthal, Brookings Institution; J. Stapleton Roy, Wilson Center  (Brookings Institution) 

10:00 Conservatives and immigration reform: Now what? with Brad Bailey, Texas Immigration Solution; Richard Land, Southern Baptist Convention; Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review and Bloomberg View; Mark Shurtleff, Attorney General of Utah (AEI)

11:30 Innovations in Paying for Healthcare: Lessons from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services with Hoangmai Pham, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Center for Global Development)

12:00 U.S.-Russian Subnational Engagement: Connecting Markets and Communities with Reta Jo Lewis, U.S. Department of State (Wilson Center)

12:15 Militancy and the Arab Spring with Souad Mekhennet, Harvard University; Leila Hilal, New America Foundation; Peter Bergen, New America Foundation (New America Foundation)

1:00 Capital Markets and the Fiscal Cliff: A Conversation with NASDAQ OMX CEO Robert Greifeld with Robert Greifeld, NASDAQ OMX (Brookings Institution

1:30 New Policy Directions for Biomedical Innovation with Mark B. McClellan, Brookings Institution; Ed Penhoet, Atlas Partners; Mark B. McClellan; Brookings Institution; Christopher Austin, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences; Deborah Brooks, The Michael J. Fox Foundation (Brookings Institution)

2:00 Across the Taiwan Strait: From Confrontation to Cooperation, 2006–2012 with  Alan D. Romberg, Stimson; Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield, Jr., Chairman of the Board (Stimson)

4:00 The Remarkable Past and Present Fate of UNESCO with Richard Arndt,Wilson Center (Wilson Center)