10:00 For-profits and federal education policy with Stacey Childress, Gates Foundation; Michael B. Horn, Innosight Institute; Jim Shelton, US Department of Education; Raquel Whiting Gilmer, Learn It Systems; Chris Whittle, Avenues: The World School (AEI)

12:00 Reflections on Parliamentary Elections in Belarus, Georgia, and Ukraine with Laura Jewett, Wilson Center (Wilson Center)

1:00 The Pathway to Peace in the Middle East Begins With President Obama with Marwan Muasher, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Daniel Kurtzer, Princeton University; William Quandt, University of Virginia;  Aaron Miller, Wilson Center (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

2:30 The Life of a Vilna Ghetto Rescuer: Reading, Writing, Remembering with Julija Šukys, Wilson Center (Wilson Center)

4:00 Leak: How (and Why) Mark Felt Became Deep Throat with Max Holland, Wilson Center (Wilson Center)