8:30 The Future of U.S.-Russia Relations: Beyond 2012 with Jessica Tuchman Mathews, Carnegie Endowment; Senator Jeanne Shaheen, U.S. Senate; Thomas Graham, Kissinger Associates, Inc.; Andrew Weiss, RAND Corporation and more (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

9:30 Crafting Asia Economic Strategy in 2013 with William A. Reinsch, National Foreign Trade Council, Inc.; Clay Lowery, Rock Creek Global Advisors LLC; Theodore G. Osius, CSIS (CSIS)

10:00 Homeland Security: A Look Back and Ahead with Joe Lieberman, U.S. Senate (CSIS)

10:00 Challenges Facing President Obama During His Second Administration with Elaine Kamarck, Harvard University; George Voinovich, former senator (R-Ohio); Philip A. Wallach, Brookings Institution (Brookings Institution

10:30 Cato Institute Policy Perspectives 2012 with John A. Allison, Cato Institute; Jerry Taylor, Cato Institute; Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal; Gene Healy, Cato Institute; David Boaz, Cato Institute (Cato Institute)

12:00 The Role of Faith in Politics and Public Policy with Bishop Gene Robinson, Center for American Progress; Patrick Murphy, Center for American Progress (Center for American Progress)

12:15 Fortress Israel with Patrick Tyler, Author (New America Foundation)

12:30 Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1945-1956 with Anne Applebaum, Washington Post (Heritage)

1:00 Rule of Law in China: Prospects and Challenges with Jon Huntsman, Brookings Institution; Cheng Li, Brookings Institution; Jerome Cohen, Brookings Institution and more (Brookings Institution

2:00 So-Called Land Grabs in the Global South: Reality and Repercussions? with Karol Boudreaux, USAID; Obang Metho, Solidarity Movement for A New Ethiopia (SMNE); Michael Kugelman, Wilson Center (Wilson Center)