9:00 The Chinese Economy: Growth Prospects and Current Challenges with Guanghua Wan, Wilson Center; J. Stapleton Roy, Wilson Center; Pieter Bottelier, Wilson Center (Wilson Center)

9:00 A Poverty and Opportunity Agenda: What’s in Store for the Next Four Years with JoAnne Barnhart, Social Security Administration; Tevi Troy, Hudson Institute; Gene Sperling, The White House; John Bridgeland, Civic Enterprises, and more (Brookings Institution)

9:30 Fighting Organized Crime in Mexico by Reforming the Justice System with Eric L. Olson, Wilson Center; Catherine Cortez Masto, Attorney General of Nevada; Rommel Moreno Manjarrez, Attorney General of Baja California, Mexico; Ana Laura Magaloni, Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE); Layda Negrete, Lawyers with Cameras (Wilson Center

12:00 Success and Failure of African Exporters with Leonardo Iacovone, World Bank; Andrew Zeitlin, Center for Global Development (Center for Global Development)

12:00 Lessons from Colombia’s War on Drugs with Daniel Mejía, Universidad de los Andes; Peter Hakim, Inter-American Dialogue; Juan Carlos Hidalgo, Cato Institute (Cato Institute)

12:15 The Last Refuge: Yemen, Al-Qaeda, and America’s War in Arabia with Gregory Johnsen, author; Peter Bergen, New America Foundation (New America Foundation

12:30 Education and the Post-2015 Development Agenda with Gordon Brown, United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education; Gene B. Sperling, The White House; Patrick Awuah, Ashesi University; Heather Simpson, Save the Children and more (Brookings Institution)

1:00 A 21st Century NORAD? How Canada and the United States can confront our shared cyber threat with Paul Rosenzweig, Heritage Foundation; Mark Fabro, Wilson Center; Jeewon Kim, Wilson Center (Wilson Center)

1:00 U.S.-Israeli Missile Defense Cooperative Programs: What Is Next? with Gabriel Scheinmann, The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs; Baker Spring, Heritage Foundation; Randy Jennings, P-51 Consulting LLC (Heritage Foundation)

2:00 Book Launch: Exit Strategies and State Building with Richard Caplan , Editor; Johanna Mendelson Forman, CSIS; Robert Lamb, CSIS; Alison Giffen, Stimson (Stimson

3:00 The World at 7 Billion: Building a Sustainable Future with Suzanne Ehlers, Wilson Center; Thomas Lovejoy, Wilson Center; Jack A. Goldstone, Wilson Center; Matthew Erdman, USAID; Sandeep Bathala, Global Health Initiative (Wilson Center)

3:00 What Can Data Tell Us About Trends in Terrorism? with Brian Fishman, New America Foundation; Michelle Breslauer, Institute for Economics and Peace; Bill Braniff, START; Gary LaFree, START (New America Foundation)

3:30 Legal Reform and the Fight against Corruption in Russia’s Regions with Sergei Leonov, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Saratov Region (Wilson Center)

5:30 The Arab World Unbound with Vijay Mahajan, author; Andrew Schwartz, CSIS (CSIS)