9:00 The Decisive Vote? with Tamar Jacoby, ImmigrationWorks USA; Dan Restrepo, Obama presidential campaign; Alfonso Aguilar, Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles; Rodolfo Espino, Arizona State University; Roberto Suro, University of Southern California; Stephen Dinan, Washington Times (Wilson Center)

9:00 What Roles for Foreign Direct Investment in the New Cuban Economy? with Ted Piccone, Brookings Institution; Richard Feinberg, Brookings Institution; Diego Ruiz, Pepsico Inc.; Chris Sabatini, Americas Society/Council of the Americas (Brookings Institution)

10:00 Investing in the Future: Higher Education, Innovation, and American Competitiveness with Drew Faust, Harvard University; Al Hunt, Bloomberg News; Glenn Hutchins, Silver Lake; Susan Molinari, Google; Jonathan Moreno, Center for American Progress; Gene Sperling, National Economic Council; Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress; David Weitz, Harvard University (Center for American Progress)

12:00 Forced Labor in Modern Russia: Questions about Legal Responsibility and the Protection of Worker’s Rights with Alisa Oblezova, Fulbright-Kennan Institute Research Scholar (Wilson Center)

12:00 Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee with Richard J. Herring, University of Pennsylvania; George G. Kaufman, Loyola University Chicago; Marshall Blume, University of Pennsylvania; Kenneth W. Dam, Brookings Institution; Franklin Edwards, Columbia University; Robert A. Eisenbeis, Cumberland Advisors; Edward Kane, Boston College; Catherine Schrand, University of Pennsylvania; Kenneth E. Scott, Stanford Law School; Peter J. Wallison, AEI (AEI)

12:00 Clemency: Old Problems and New Solutions with Albert Alschuler, University of Chicago; Gregory Craig, former White House Counsel for President Barack Obama; Robert Ehrlich, Jr., King & Spalding LLP; Margaret Love, Task Force on Restoration of Rights and Status (Heritage Foundation)

1:00 A Wide-Angle View of U.S.-Japan Relations: Religion, Energy, and Domestic Politics with Koji Murata,Doshisha University; Kunihiko Miyake, The Canon Institute for Global Studies;  Hisayoshi Ina, Tokyo Foundation; James L. Schoff, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

2:00 Skin in the Game: How Consumer-Directed Health Plans Can Affect the Cost and Use of Health Care with Amelia Haviland, RAND (RAND)

2:00 Assessing the South Korean and Japanese Elections with Dr. Michael Green, Georgetown University; Dr. Gordon Flake, The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation; Bruce Klingner, Heritage Foundation (Heritage Foundation)

3:00 Economic Statecraft: Developing Partnerships with the Private Sector with Rajiv Shah, U.S. Agency for International Development; Deborah McCarthy, U.S. Department of State; Nathan Younge, U.S. Trade and Development Agency; Don Scott De Amicis, Overseas Private Investment Corporation; Eric Postel, U.S. Agency for International Development (Wilson Center)

4:00 Was the Mexican Revolution of 1910 a Success? with Alan Knight, University of Oxford (Wilson Center)

5:30 The fourth great political revolution: 1789, 1858, 1928, and today with Arthur C. Brooks AEI; James Piereson, Manhattan Institute (AEI)