9:00 Better Health Care at Lower Cost: State & Federal Perspectives with Raj Goyle, Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation; Nirav R. Shah, New York State Department of Health; Herbert Pardes, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital; Ezekiel Emanuel, Center for American Progress; Maura Calsyn, Center for American Progress (Center for American Progress)

9:00 Mobile Technology: A Change Agent in the United States and Across the Globe with Darrell M. West, Brookings Institution; Laurence Chandy, Brookings Institution; Shawn Covell, Qualcomm; Eric Tyler, New America Foundation; Toshi Nakamura, Kopernik; Matt Perault, Facebook (Brookings Institution)

9:30 Women’s Leadership in Times of Political Transitions: Some Lessons from Kyrgyzstan with Roza Otunbayeva, former president of the Kyrgyz Republic (Wilson Center)

10:30 BIT and Beyond: Advancing the U.S.-India Economic Relationship with Sen. Mark Warner; Karl Inderfurth, CSIS; Matthew Stokes, author; Arun Singh, Indian Embassy; Diane Farrell, U.S. India Business Council (CSIS)

12:00 Tapping the Potential of Displaced Youth in Urban Settings with Josh Chaffin, Women’s Refugee Commission; Selin Mathews, Don Bosco India; U.S. Department of State (Wilson Center)

12:00 Is the Federal Housing Administration the Next Bailout? with Mark Calabria, Cato Institute; Edward Pinto, American Enterprise Institute; Michael Fratantoni, Mortgage Bankers Association of America; Alan Zibel, Wall Street Journal (Cato Institute)

12:00 Reforming Teacher Evaluation: One District’s Story of Collaboration from the Perspective of all Stakeholders with Morgaen L. Donaldson, University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education; Segun Eubanks, National Education Association; Bernadeia H. Johnson, Minneapolis Public Schools; Carmel Martin, U.S. Dept. of Education (Center for American Progress)

12:30 China, Japan, South Korea Trilateral Cooperation: Implications for Northeast Asian Politics and Order with Andrew Yeo , Catholic University of America.(CSIS)

2:00 Lessons from Haiti: Innovations in Tracking and Housing Internally Displaced Persons with Elizabeth Ferris, Brookings Institution; Vlatko Avramovski, International Organization for Migration, Haiti; Vincent Cochetel, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees; Lorenza Rossi, International Organization for Migration, Haiti; Charles Setchell, USAID (Brookings Institution)

3:30 Staying Ahead of the Economic Curve: Taiwan and Its Rivals in East Asia and Beyond with Alejandro Espinosa-Wang, World Bank Group; Rupert Hammond-Chambers, U.S. Taiwan Business Council; Peter C.Y. Chow, City College of New York (Wilson Center)

5:00 Toward More Effective Disaster Philanthropy with David Abramson, Columbia University; Steve Dozier, Walmart; Bob Ottenhoff, Center for Disaster Philanthropy; Tony Pipa, USAID; Joe Ruiz, The UPS Foundation Humanitarian Relief Program; Lori J. Bertman,  Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation (CSIS)

5:30 Far from the tree: Parents, children, and the search for identity with Sally Satel, AEI; Andrew Solomon, Writer and Lecturer (AEI)

6:00 Managing Shifted Risk with James Parrott; Fiscal Policy Institute; Chauncy Lennon, Ford Foundation; Kristin Morse, New York City Center for Economic Opportunity; Mae Watson Grote, The Financial Clinic; Justin King, New America Foundation (New America Foundation)