10:00 Naval Strategy in the Western Pacific: The Role of Taiwan and other U.S. Partners in Securing the Peace with Paul Giarra, Global Strategies & Transformation; Bryan McGrath, Delex Consulting; Gerard Roncolato, Roncolato Defense Associates; Christopher Ford, Hudson Institute (Hudson Institute)

12:00 Taxpayers Don’t Stand a Chance: Why Battleground Ohio Loses No Matter Who Wins (and What To Do About It) with Matt A. Mayer, Author, Jessica Zuckerman, Heritage Foundation (Heritage Foundation

12:00 What’s Next for U.S. Healthcare? with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK); Marty Makary, Johns Hopkins University; Vikas Saini, Lown Institute; Kavita Patel, Brookings Institution; Shannon Brownlee, New America Foundation (New America Foundation)

12:00 Man as Media: Old Mass Media and the New Digital Environment in Russia and the United States with Andrey Miroshnichenko, Wilson Center (Wilson Center)

12:00 Iran: Is a Nuclear Deal Possible? with Shaul Bakhash, Wilson Center; Trita Parsi, Wilson Center; Robert S. Litwak, Wilson Center (Wilson Center)