Even in the most dire economic situation, can you imagine the Heritage Foundation and the Center for American Progress sharing office space? 

Well that’s what two equally left-right diametrically opposed media outlets have done.

The American Conservative moved into the offices of the liberal American Prospect Dec. 27 under a six-month lease, The New York Times reports. The deal began with an August lunch between the magazines’ publishers, Jay Harris of the Prospect and Wick Allison of the Conservative. 

A cash-strapped American Prospect that faced a shut-down last spring found an American Conservative that was looking to get out of Arlington. 

How will it work?

“We have a water fountain labeled conservatives only,” joked Mr. Harris, who cleared the idea with his staff. “We turned to the staff and said, ‘Would you be comfortable?’ To a person, the folks who responded said, ‘Our values are pretty different, but we have a lot of respect for what The American Conservative does journalistically.’ ”

What they lack in ideological viewpoint, the two nonprofit monthlies make up for in an independent, establishment-bucking mind-set. Each has faced the sort of downsizing that has become all too common in the print world.

(h/t David Plotz)

Corrections: A previous version of this post said that The American Prospect was the publishing partner of the progressive think tank, Demos. The two organizations no longer have a partnership.