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The morning's think tank news: Obama's second inauguration espouses liberal vision and provokes conservative response, China's investment in higher education, Democratic base wants compromise and more.

THINK TANKED | A new Tumblr blog makes a target out of pundits who were wrong about the 2012 election. Who has made the cut so far?

THINK TANKED | The morning's think tank news: Romney 'gift' comments pushes away more in Republican party, rethinking "compassionate conservatism" and more.

Karl Rove is known for his dark money in politics, but has he fulfilled all the legal requirements to do so?

Has John Boehner given all the Republican bargaining leverage away?

The morning's think tank news: Petraeus affair means exit from CIA, Obama's second term and more.

The morning's think tank news: Republican party and self-discovery, Obamacare's vulnerability and more.

The Heritage Foundation's lobbying wing is out with a new fundraising video aimed at disappointed conservatives.

The U.S. prides itself on its electoral system, but what do the indicators we use to measure democracy in other countries say?

The Heritage Foundation is worried about dead voters deciding 2012, but is that the most pressing case of voter fraud?

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