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One conservative shop owner makes up a new pricing scheme to charge liberals more.

The morning's think tank news: Obama's aggressive gun control agenda, Obama must return to table on debt ceiling, the myth of the impure GOP and more.

The morning's think tank news: Debt ceiling and facing another fiscal cliff, Obama and 19 executive actions on guns, No Labels and more.

The rundown on the day's think tank events: A drifting U.S. foreign policy, the culture of 'can't' in education and more.

If the debt ceiling isn't raised, default is a choice of the Treasury Department, says one Heritage Foundation economist. But did he consider the legal, logistical and practical ramifications?

The morning's think tank news: Chuck Hagel nomination a waste of political capital? Lines in the debt-ceiling sand, health care in the "fiscal cliff" deal and more.

The Century Foundation names three new fellows to tackle economic and social inequality.

The morning's think tank news: Obama's nomination of Chuck Hagel will face strong resistance from some Republicans, more battles over budget in the weeks and months ahead and more.

The morning's think tank news: U.S. economy adds 155,000 jobs, the 'fiscal cliff' and winning ugly, what to do about Iran and more.

The morning's think tank news: 'Fiscal cliff': Obama signs from Hawaii, proposing Social Security changes, 1950s tax fantasies, 2012 demographics and more.

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