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Dick Cheney is often viewed as the most powerful vice president in U.S. history, but he start to 2013 suggests maybe it's Joe Biden.

The morning's think tank news: Obama's nomination of Chuck Hagel will face strong resistance from some Republicans, more battles over budget in the weeks and months ahead and more.

As Sen. Richard Lugar leaves the Senate, he joins a prominent foreign policy organization.

THINK TANKED | While North Korea draws severe criticism for its rocket launch Wednesday, there may be several reasons the regime can consider the move successful.

THINK TANKED | The morning's think tank news: 'Fiscal cliff' and unbuilding America, North Korea's rocket launch and further sanctions, Syria's chemical weapons and more.

THINK TANKED | Six experts debate what the U.S. can do about Syria and its chemical weapons stockpile.

Six follow-up questions that could have distinguished Mitt Romney from President Obama in last night's final debate.

The morning's think tank news: Presidential debate: foreign policy, Romney playing it safe, horses and bayonets.

The rundown on the day's think tank events.

Ahead of tonight's presidential foreign policy debate, new data shows most Americans want the U.S. out of Afghanistan as the Obama administration has promised.

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