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The morning's think tank news: How the Chuck Hagel nomination hearing will shake out, the new politics of immigration, pro choice and pro life and more.

Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass responds to claims that Chuck Hagel is anti-Semitic from his own staff.

Gen. Petraeus isn't the only one who found himself surrounded by Kagans.

The morning's think tank news: Chuck Hagel nomination a waste of political capital? Lines in the debt-ceiling sand, health care in the "fiscal cliff" deal and more.

There's a personnel shake up on the executive team at the Center for a New American Security.

The Republican party and prominent conservatives are putting together the framework for what proves to be a difficult nomination hearing for Chuck Hagel to become Secretary of Defense.

The morning's think tank news: Obama's nomination of Chuck Hagel will face strong resistance from some Republicans, more battles over budget in the weeks and months ahead and more.

THINK TANKED | As the fallout from the Petraeus affair continues, the separation between the government and think tanks becomes more blurry.

The morning's think tank news: Petraeus affair investigation reveals Broadwell classified documents, Republican reshuffle, Boehner's blunder and more.

The rundown on the day's think tank events.

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