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The morning's think tank news: How the Chuck Hagel nomination hearing will shake out, the new politics of immigration, pro choice and pro life and more.

Immigration reform: Obama's push, Marco Rubio's gamble and new legislation; questions for Chuck Hagel; debt deniers and more.

How could it be that the left-leaning pioneer of digital journalism allowed a conservative think tank become their landlords?

The morning's think tank news: Comparing the Senate and President Obama's plans for immigration reform, Obama's second term blues and more.

How one think tank scholar is keeping the conservative dream of killing "Obamacare" alive.

Who knew President Obama saying the words "peace in our time" in his inaugural address would be so controversial?

The morning's think tank news: Obama's second inauguration espouses liberal vision and provokes conservative response, China's investment in higher education, Democratic base wants compromise and more.

The morning's think tank news: Is the NRA winning? Chris Christie condemns ad, Panetta confused why people have assault weapons and more.

The morning's think tank news: Obama's gun proposals face divided Congress, executive orders better than legislative proposals, a war between amendments and more.

One conservative shop owner makes up a new pricing scheme to charge liberals more.

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