The physics of Mitt

Can neutrinos go faster than the speed of light? This is just more unsettling news which complicates EVERYTHING. It’s almost as complex now as US politics. Can anything move slower than a dead stop?

Slow but sure seems to be the way the Mittster is going to win the GOP nomination, and then the White House. Is that a prediction? No, it just APPEARS to be. It’s another physics conundrum. Hard to figure out, like whether to support Mitt! It’s all about the uncertainty principle.

See, the calculation with Mitt, for the neutrino-level-elusive Independent Voter, is exactly WHO will our slippery friend turn around and betray? Yes, he’s some sort of highly malleable panderer at heart, so conservative ideologues don’t trust him. He has decided the Republican Party is his idea of a party which offers the best solutions, so nobody who has been awake for the last ten (at least) years trusts him. Nobody anywhere really does. But that’s where the fun starts! Everybody is trying to do the math on whether Mitt is a single or double or triple bank shot to their hopes and dreams. Here is David Frum’s heroic attempt. We are in the Age of Uncertainty, the Age of Mitt.