Two groups of people who didn’t like each other and were fighting all the time decided to settle their differences once and for all with a tug of war.

They got a big heavy rope and drew a line in the middle and grabbed ahold and PULLLLLLLED. There was all manner of eye-bulging and foot-skidding and heavy breathing and the momentum shifted back and forth a bit, but one side finally succumbed to exhaustion and was dragged across the line. Yes they lost, but they didn’t yield on any of the stuff they were fighting about, so nothing got solved.

They decided then that they were going to have to do things differently, so they next lined up on opposite sides of a chasm, threw the rope across, and decided to tug until one team was dragged into the chasm and perished. More huffing and puffing and sweating and swearing, and one side was finally pulled to the brink of the chasm,  but they let go of the rope, and nothing was solved.

Next it was determined that to avoid this letting-go thing, everyone needed to be tied to the rope. This time the losing side was dragged over the edge into the chasm and their weight dragged the other team over too, and they all died and the problem between them was solved once and for all. Maybe you can think of some real world situation this is a parable for. I’m too tired from all the exertion just now.