I think it’s discouraging when my clock radio pops on in the morning, only to have the announcer’s chatter of the latest news, which I’m supposed to be listening to for actual work purposes, drowned out by the stream of vulgarity issuing forth from my own mouth because it’s FIVE IN THE FREAKING MORNING and I have to get up for work again.

WHY do I set my alarm for FIVE ITFM? Because I’m a MORNING PERSON, all of the above to the contrary. Yes, the morning person, bane of the planet, who bounds out of bed at or before the time the rising sun bestows it’s slanting rays upon the slumbering, ready to go, and ready for adventure, coffee, and COME ON WAKE UP THERE SLEEPYHEAD! Ask my wife.

Anyway, a Morning Person’s brainpower is pretty nearly shot by 9 am, so FIVE ITFM it must be, whether or not my weekend was just a little bit TOO MUCH FUN.