Ample is the word for today. Ample. A cozy couch of a word. Take a look at it before you sit. Walk around it. Slide your fingers along it’s buttery fabric. Plump the pillows. Now, slide in and revel.

And what, exactly, am I talking about? I’ll get to that. You just sit there awhile more and relax. Did you notice anything? That’s right, the chair is outside. On the broad, sunny porch. What the heck, let’s call it a verandah.

The gentle sweet zephyr of a breeze causes the droplets beading on the iced drink in your hand to shimmer and cascade. You think to look at your watch, but then you realize, it doesn’t matter, you’ve got plenty of time. No deeds to do, no promises to keep. Yes this is a Blog Post about Spring , and Summer, and the ample I speak of is AMPLE DAYLIGHT, and the amplitude of better feelings that come with that, free of charge.