I wish they had waited a little longer before having another political convention. I wish they had waited forever. That GOP convention was a game changer. A game ender. I never want to see another. And now here is another!

I feel about them the way hurricane victims feel about hurricanes. Never is good. When it came to be that the work of conventions ended before the conventions started, (the writing of a platform and selection of a candidate) the purpose of conventions ended and they became the worst kind of celebratory marathon imaginable. It’s as if the Olympics were just the medals ceremonies without the athletic events. Except the convention ceremonies are mostly excuses to jeer at the other team for being such losers. And a media reduced to trying to tell us whether or not we liked the stupid, pandering speeches. Did he/she “hit it out of the park? Yes? Or no? Discuss.

But aren’t conventions the enthusiastic efflorescences of a healthy democracy? They would be if we lived in a healthy democracy. A healthy democracy would be having a sane conversation about health care and economic fairness and climate change. But as long as one party (the other one) insists on stoking a visceral dislike of a president who they feel a need to see as an illegal alien imposter of some sort, and his party as some secret cult remnant of Bolshevism, we can’t HAVE that conversation. Instead we get two non-intersecting flamboyant monologues at some mythical swing voter. We have the circuses, but not the bread.