This is one of those democratic moment things. The people have half-spoken, and what they’re half-saying is Mitt Romney. I won’t say that Mitt Romney is the punch line we knew in advance and the primaries are just writing the rest of the joke, but it’s a little like that. Be that as it may, we now have a choice.

The way the choice is being described, by Romney at least, is that this is a fundamental choice between capitalism and socialism. Romney has to talk this way because he still needs to appear, at least until the convention, to be more conservative than he probably is. But who KNOWS how conservative he actually is? Check your watch. But whether he is a little to the right of Obama, or a LOT to the right of Obama, it’s still a choice we’ve got here.

Here is where I see the big difference. Mitt wants to AGAIN cut the taxes of the wealthy. This is a three-decade experiment that has promised to pay for itself and create jobs and broad-based prosperity. I think the evidence is in and speaks for itself, but hey, I’m just the cartoonist. The other big difference is Romney will appoint Supreme Court justices that will green-light corporate prerogatives and their ability to finance elections and further consolidate corporate control of government.

Might be just the ticket to the kind of world you want to live in. In November, in the voting booth, you get to decide.