The rich have problems too! Sure they may know where their next meal is coming from, but do YOU have to worry about your next-door neighbor building Versailles?

This is the kind of tough questions they have to wrestle with: Is Versailles too big to live next to? Do they really think this is a persuasive copy of Versailles? Does pretending to copy Versailles seem just a little tacky, or excessively so? If you did build this, would you name it? What? Versailles Jr? Or something after a candelabra character in a Disney cartoon?

There are principles involved here, but I’m having trouble focusing on what they are. Property rights are in there somewhere, as the wealthy do tend to have a lot of property. It helps if you have no ceiling on your definition of “entitled,” or maybe if your ceiling is frescoed with angels and centaurs. Does this ruin the neighborhood? Is it art? Is it satire?? Is 25,000 sq feet the new normal? I really have little to say about this, other than to join those who pause momentarily to stare, or would if thet’d let me inside the gates.