Let’s back up to 2008. There is a new push now to implement a law signed way long ago by Nanny-state liberal George W. Bush, encouraging installation of back-up cameras on automobiles.

Time passes, even though legislation no longer does. There has been a debate about how to implement this 2008 law. Debate, like time, never ends. It’s pretty obvious from the needless deaths of people run over by backing-up vehicles, that drivers CAN’T SEE SMALL STUFF behind them, like kids. Particularly when driving those infernal view-blocking SUV monstrosities, which supposedly gave you a ‘better view’ of the road, over smaller vehicles, until everybody else got one too, all the while making it impossible for the drivers of smaller cars to see anything at all.

But as I said, time passes, and it is now apparent that back-up cameras are only ONE MORE THING that robot cars can do better than organic-unit drivers, with our out-of date eyeglasses and cell phones and youthful risk-taking or aging reflexes or periodic overservedness. What are the other things robot cars can do better than us? EVERYTHING!


They don’t just sit fuming in endless, pointless traffic jams, THEY PREVENT THEM! This issue is enjoyable to watch play out. The Independent Driver, hero in his own make-believe adventure of the Open Road on the Way to the Shopping Mall, outclassed in every particular by microchips and servomotors. Yes it’s YOU causing some of those traffic jams you’re stuck in and cursing at. The solution is at hand, to take your keys away.