Helpful words to live by. No, actually they aren’t all THAT helpful since they are joined at the hip with Worse is Worse, but still. Don’t think about Worse is Worse. At least not today Today, Better is Better.

First of all my cold is better, I’m sure you’re interested to hear. But getting over a cold is a great way to be reminded how good NORMAL can feel. Hmmm, is this a METAPHOR, you begin to wonder anxiously? Yes, it is, of course. It is like watching George W. Bush and the Republican Crazy Machine move out of the White House four years ago, and then get beaten back from the surrounding seige bunkers this year.. Normal. Normal still has all the usual stuff to deal with, but without that unnecessary weird extra awful thing. The GOP probably feels just the opposite, but here’s why they don’t shouldn’t. George W. Bush was like a bad cold. Evidence? Iraq. Throwing away Clinton’s budget surplus. Economic collapse. Ah-choo.

And what is Obama like? Obama is like gay people. Gay people seem, at first, like a problem. They weren’t there before. They are new. They are different. They must be a threat. Just MUST be. Until you get to know them. We got to know Obama. A smart, center-left American manager. But wait! Center-LEFT? What about THAT part, if you’re a conservative? I’ll tell you what. The LEFT part of center-left is simply moving along with history as it moves. “Evolving,” like Obama on gay rights! Center-RIGHT has a role to play when the left gets too far AHEAD of history. You can argue that the GOP had a constructive contribution to make in the late 20th Century on that. But they clearly, clearly got stuck in a rigid ideological formulation that could only be sustained by greater and greater detachment from and denial of America as it was evolving. But that fever has broken. We move on. Better is better.

And in three short weeks, the days start getting longer again, too.