I’m not much of a red-meat eater. In either sense. In the literal sense, I avoid red meat for health and environmental reasons. Although I never ate that much of it to begin with. My mom’s food budget was a bit constrained, more for domestic parsimony reasons than poverty, but in any case, the red meat we did get tended to be of the substandard chewy sort. My memory is of a mouthful of stubborn matter, matter that would NOT BREAK DOWN no matter how I chewed and chewed and chewed and chewed.

This is mostly how I feel when reading analyses of the American electorate, and what the political spectrum REALLY looks like, or would, or will, as soon as the distorting mechanisms fall away. I play this game too here in my blog, but mostly because nobody expects anything correct or definitive to be said here. My blog is a land of conditional meaning, and I’ll let you chew on that definition.

But back to the US political spectrum, my ostensible topic here today. Nobody can accurately describe it. It is like the blind men trying to describe the GOP elephant while chewing on a mouthful of cheap elephant steak. But there are some interesting analyses nonetheless.


I might be inclined to say the the effort is pointless, were it not for the fact that current political alignments are clearly under severe tectonic stress, and something different, maybe VERY different is likely to show up sooner than you can swallow.