Here’s a different way to think about it. Readers occasionally take me to task for being partisan and not criticizing Democrats enough. This is one I think about a lot, because, you know, I want to do my job right and all. And my job definition sure as hell isn’t to represent the interests of a given political organization. So why not the “even-handedness” readers call for?

Sports Metaphor time! The last refuge of an American. Though this will be unlike any sports metaphor you’ve seen, I’m just guessing. Suppose you found yourself at the game, and looked at both teams and really didn’t care at all which one won the game. To you they were just a bunch of guys wearing different colors who were assigned to move the ball one way or the other. And in this particular game the ball hardly ever moved.

Now suppose further (you still awake?) that what interested you is the location of the ball. And let’s say you considered it important to see the ball arrive and stay near the 50 yard line. And for the whole game the ball had been between the 30 and 40 on one end of the field. And you had to decide when you wanted to cheer and boo. What would you do?