I have several mottos. One of them is “Better is better”. Let’s face it, things are never going to be right, though try we do to make them so. So when something isn’t right, but is better, well, better is better.

Today what’s better is that today is longer than yesterday. Not a lot, but some. Enough for today! Yes, it’s still winter, but the days are longer and check out the intensity of the light. It’s a whole different kind than you get in December. Better!

And to top off my premature Springtime frolicsomeness, they have taken away my psychological nemesis. That’s right, Metro has dismantled and carted away the BLUE BOX OF DOOM from the Farragut North Metro Station. They have more or less fixed the collapsing water main that threatened to pull an entire quadrant of the city down upon my very head. The horrid giant plywood box concealed the work they were doing, but it also allowed the forces of dread and darkness to move in, as they are always looking for a good place. But the box has been dismantled now and I’m pretty sure it’s not coming back. And what turned out to be BEHIND those mysterious blue walls? A new post and diagonal beam that do not EXACTLY match the quasi-elegant 1970’s coffered-lozenge walls. We are in the era where the richest nation the world has ever known is essentially, well, propping the old stuff up with sticks. But you know what I always say: Better is better!