You see occasional news stories about how conservative anti-Obama books are selling like, well, like conspiracy theories. They are flying off the shelves! This is supposed to drive liberals crazy, and it does!

Best-seller lists used to be a warm steamy bubble-bath for liberals exercising their thoughtfully furrowed middle-brow proclivities toward mental self-improvement. Hefty tomes on psychology, some history and archeology, art, anthropology, all riding unconsciously on the presumed acceptance of the Liberal Way. Reassuring. Comfy. No more. Now we have books from the Glenn Becks and Limbaugh family members of the world dominating the charts and what the....? I can’t explain it. It seems to go against, well, the Liberal Way.

But EVERYTHING has gone against the Liberal Way since Jimmy Carter had the misfortune of becoming president. Jimmy Carter was like a liberal best seller. Earnest, thoughtful, might we say edginessless? Then came Ronald Reagan and all the life force of the republic went Republican. The best seller list is merely a trailing indicator. Badly lagging, if current polls are any indicator. But let them occupy the last of our turf, for one last glorious moment. It was their final Battle of the Bulge. I’ll tell you why. Books on Obama that purport to represent him under a title like The Amateur, are clearly going to do nothing but lead the reader far afield and astray. Feel-good attempts to characterize the president as something wholly at variance to the reality are a both symptom of a fading movement, and a predictor of its imminent collapse. “Know thy enemy” is still true, and if they think they are going to understand Obama, or contemporary politics by reading these books, well, they have an election coming.