So now it’s Nightmare Bacteria. Hold on a second while I get a ladder and climb up to the stage lights and get a great big spotlight pointed! Yes, come on up all of you, high-information folks and low, because I think you all should have a share of the glory here.

How many years have we been reading that overuse of antibiotics would lead lead to bacteria with antibiotic resistance if we squandered the antibiotics we have by overusing them? Was this such a very very hard concept to grasp? And did we cut back? Did you? I can’t tell you the number of times I heard an educated person say they went and asked for antibiotics for what they KNEW was a viral condition. And doctors? What have you to say for yourselves? The patient is always right? The MAIN thing you want to prevent is UNPLEASANTNESS, have to tell a patient that, no, antibiotics are not indicated for their condition and will do no good.

But what could the harm be? Ask yourself that question next time you or a loved one is in the hospital, and you’re wondering if those Nightmare Bacteria are visiting there by your bed. Here’s another idea. Let’s make the same stupid mistake with climate.