Enjoying the weather reports? Weather increasingly comes in three forecasts: Out of control wildfires, out of control rainfall, and out of control wind. As the west is once again ablaze in what is now politely called “fire season,” perhaps soon to be “conflagration season,” I invite the ever-clever climate deniers to retell their never tiresome “if this is climate change, I’ll take it!” witticisms. Anyone?

And speaking of wind, we can watch while they execute their last gusty vacillation between “climate changes all the time” and “more clouds will cancel out warming” stratagems. The latter of these two is an interesting tactic employing the concept of “a negative feedback loop,” which my comments section often resembles. This is a cute idea, because, you know, it COULD be true. Who’s to say? Therefore why worry? Here’s one reason. Because there is ALSO such a thing as “a POSITIVE feedback loop,” which makes the problem WORSE, not better.

No matter to the climate change deniers. Their whole game is to sow doubt, like seeding clouds, and this is just more good fun. The telling fact about their passionate love affair with doubt is simply this: THEY DON’T HAVE ANY. They are so sure that there could not possibly be a carbon climate problem, that they are content to gamble the planet on their certainty. It’s a sure thing! And one thing we know about gamblers who have “a sure thing,” they eventually gamble it all away.