The GOP now has to go into the wilderness and soulsearch and strategize and all the rest, but NOT because they have lost all the battles. Actually it’s because they won. If you think that the function of a conservative party is to check and correct the excesses of the opposing progressive party, I’d say they achieved virtually everything that they could reasonable have hoped for. Not that they are reasonable, which is why they are smoldering with sulfurous smoke. But let me count some of the ways they won.

Let’s start with the idea that Democrats are squandry redistributionists who plotted to take away the hard-earned wealth of the rich and give it away so everybody has the same amount of money. How did the Democrats do on that score? Or that runaway gun control the Democrats enacted over the last thirty years? Over-regulation of the financial industry of the sort that would thwart Wall St.’s ability to make a little money? How about all those Democratic hippie peace types’ plan to cut the Pentagon budget down to a nub and prevent us from getting into entangling foreign shooting wars? How have all these liberal projects been going since 1980? And that anti-energy policy that would put the fossil-fuel industry out of business?

No, the GOP got pretty nearly everything it wanted and all that remains is the lunatic residue of their agenda. THAT is why the nation has tired of the GOP. It’s ready to turn around and work with a chastised, reformed, centrist and sane Democrat majority.