I guess this is what passes for bravery now. Paul Ryan proposes a plan to reduce the deficit that strokes his base like a fluffy pampered puppy and he is praised in the media for his trouble. Give that man a medal!

The poor get to play their assigned roles as both the problem and the target, other sacrifices are off there in the distant future somewhere, but the rich get to have their rewards up front. Paul Ryan, hero. Courage used to have something to do with risking something, but that was before the bankers redefined “risk” as “reward.” So now rewarding yourself and your friends is now redefined as “courage.” Makes sense. Nice game you got there.

In case you got distracted by all the courage talk and forgot for a moment who it is exactly who benefits from Paul Ryan’s courageous tax cuts, here’s this. Yesterday I wrote how we are standing by as species after species go extinct. Check the list, you may discover you’re on it!