When finally we establish once and for all that Obama was not born of HUMAN MAN AND WOMAN, but rather Protoplastic Asteroid Invasionites, then the Supreme Court can rule that his first term never technically happened. John McCain can be hastily sworn in for a rapid-response do-over and who-knows-what-all fun will ensue.

Donald Trump, of course, is carrying the torch of Strange Theories through the darkness of the Republican Party these days, and of course, as alien life forms go, I think we have a compelling instance of Takes One To Know One here.

Republican politicians have mostly adopted the coy formulation that they didn’t actually SEE Obama materialize in Kenya from the smoking crater of the Space Attackers, so they don’t want to “tell voters what to think.” This can be shortened to not wanting to “tell voters to think.” Should be an interesting campaign, though I’m not sure they have fully anticipated Obama’s still-concealed Shape-Shifting powers.