If you have a garden of any size or kind, spring is a great time of year. But lots of people don’t like gardening for lots of reasons, all bad.

First of all, it’s hard to know what to do. People have a hard enough time picking out furnishings for their houses, but the stuff you buy and plant starts CHANGING. It’s like the couch you got suddenly grew an extra bulge that was kind of in the way and sawing it off didn’t exactly leave a pretty hole. Then you realized it would have looked better over THERE, and now what are you supposed to do? The lamp shade is wrinkling and turning brown and falling off and WHAT is chewing those holes in the tablecloth?

Okay, maybe these aren’t entirely bad reasons. Gardening is like anything else. It takes some thought, patience and some expense. Some learning, and paying attention. A time to fertilize, a time to prune! Like government! People can’t handle that one either.