How much is enough? That one is easy to answer. Only MORE is enough.

And how much is too much? That is also easy to answer. This much.

This is now a runaway train. The rich are gathering into their pockets a staggering percentage of the economy, and people just don’t even see that it’s happening. You can’t have a sane conversation about facts you don’t know. Once again, ordinary people have been arranged in a circle to argue amongst themselves about whether they want health care coverage or would prefer the freedom to die in the waiting area of an overcrowded emergency room. Or to contemplate how many decades of their kids’ lives should be mortgaged to pay for a college education, or bicker over whether that’s a snobby question. Meanwhile virtually the entirety of new wealth creation is going to a tiny new class of hyper-rich. Please read these numbers and then tell me they don’t add up to a catastrophe for any concept of an America of shared prosperity, and eventually for the idea of a meaningfully democratic American government.

The whole GOP economic philosophy is currently based on an assessment made back in the 1970’s that the wealthy were being squeezed out of obtaining capital they could invest. Memo to GOP: find that Mission Accomplished banner and NOW you can put it up.