Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Okay, I’ll count my eggs. My eggs have a 70% chance of re-electing Obama.

I’m tired of the campaign. I was tired of it from the moment Mitt Romney opened his mouth. Virtually the first nonsense to come out of it was that Obama was a failed president in every way. I know this is what Republicans like to say to each other. They started saying it when Chief Justice John Roberts garbled the swearing in. It’s a foolish way to view the last four years, and wrong, substantively wrong, and unhelpful to the nation, and degrading to Romney as a candidate. But he just kept at it with remarks like he would do “EVERYTHING” the “OPPOSITE” of what Obama did. There’s some intelligent public discourse for you. He could get elected second grade Class Mouth with a platform like that.

So I’ve re-elected Obama already right here in this very Blog and will stick with that until events force a re-evaluation. Reality-based, here. So now, can we finally put a price on carbon? In this Blog we can! Romney would have, had HE been elected in this Blog, because Obama DIDN’T in his first term, so Romney would! OPPOSITE! Conservatives like to say we can’t afford it, but they also like to say that the market would find a way if oil literally disappeared tomorrow. “There are no shortages in capitalism!” So let’s price carbon, and get on with developing the AMPLE alternatives. The market can do it! GOOOOOOOO markets! If we persist another four years in the crazy reality-avoidance of our current wreck-the-climate-for-short-term-profits, we will have followed the “Greatest Generation” with the “Absolute Worst”. Is that who you want to have been?