Let me be be a conservative, for once. No, not a Teapartier. I don’t really understand that kind of conservatism. That kind is against elite concentration of power, like on Wall St., but not really. Wall St. is rich people and the Tea Party decided rich people are okay as long as they are Republicans. I’ll let them explain it to you.

No here’s a story about healthy school lunchtime in Japan that I read and thought: Why aren’t we doing this? Why isn’t every parent asking why aren’t we doing this? Especially conservatives! It seems like it has everything a conservative would like. Healthy kids, traditional, community-oriented activity, learning how to take care of yourself and work with your neighbors and friends. Positive outcomes through locally based efforts! In Japan, apparently, it’s completely uncontroversial. But just imagine someone suggesting this here!

Objections of a thousand hard-to-understand kinds would materialize. Strange arguments about the rights of giant agribusiness would be introduced for contemplation. Costs would be discussed with great attention, but benefits would be fuzzled over until unrecognizable. Complexities and complications would multiply faster than the students working their little calculators could keep up with. The whole discussion would collapse into large pile of salty, high fructose high-fat snack paste in front of the school vending machine. And then we would go back to aguing about why healthcare costs are so much higher in the US.