There is no deficit crisis. The science is flawed and not proven. Budgets fluctuate all the time; it’s a natural phenomenon. They go up, they go down. Budget forecasters may all agree that the deficits are headed up, but consensus is a sure sign of conspiracy.

Maybe humans are causing the budgets to go up and maybe they aren’t. Who’s to say? Paul Ryan? Has he ever “borrowed” money for a mortgage or to buy a car? Then he is a bigger hypocrite than Al Gore. Did Paul Ryan ever vote for deficit-increasing measures? Well, actually he did, a lot, but only Democrats can be hypocrites.

Does “spending” cause deficits? What, now you want to label “spending” as a BAD thing? Polls show overwhelmingly that Americans enjoy spending. Maybe higher deficits forever will be a GOOD thing. Again, who’s to say?? “Experts?” “Experts” just want to look in my wallet and control my life. Only I am allowed in my own wallet. Why, I look right here in my wallet and see a twenty and three ones. Is that your “deficit?” If that’s a deficit, I’ll take more of that! Actually it WOULD take more than that to fill my gas tank if Al Gore had his way, which he didn’t, but now gas costs more anyway. Did the “experts” predict THAT? I think I may just “borrow” a hundred dollars and buy a gallon of gas just to make Al Gore mad.