Is Obama the worst negotiator in the whole world, willing to give up everything and unwilling to fight for anything? Or is he simply the worst president, just part of the hyper-partisan mirror-image parties unwilling to compromise? CAN’T BE BOTH!

Except in the media. The fun game of trying to determine which WAY Obama is a a bad president continues without respite. The fact of his badness goes without saying. If he compromises, he’s a sellout. If he doesn’t, he’s no better than Republicans! If there is gridlock, he’s to blame. If there is an imperfect compromise, he’s to blame. Feckless! Insincere! Passive! Ideological! Non-ideological! Partisan! Too non-partisan!

The possibility that he is roadblocked by an absolutely impossible Congress needing two houses and a filibuster-proof majority to tie its shoes in the morning, and they are two right shoes, is not one of the multiple-choice answers. If I were writing the headlines, that’s what I would write every day! INSANE CONGRESS DESTROYING NATION! That’s why they don’t let me write the headlines and confine me to this hidden little blog zone-ette. But couldn’t Obama just make a Great Speech and THEN Congress would stop being insane? If you think so then maybe you are crazy too.