Anyone see any resemblance between the aftermath of the recent election and the aftermath of the new gigantic storms we get now with climate change?

“Where did THAT come from?” “Who is responsible?” “Who could have FORESEEN?” Anyway, the damage, in both cases is real enough. And keenly intertwined with willful blindness, self-deception, and attempted deception of the public. The Republicans have lost the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections, yet kept telling themselves they were the political center of the country. And that their polling was accurate. And that their budget numbers added up. And that it was the DEMOCRATS who ran up the deficits. Oh, and that climate science was wrong too, just for good measure. All that is washed out now by a 14-foot high wave of brutal cold water.

What’s the short-term fix? Same as the short-term fix to the Romney campaign, and the deficit, and health care, and climate. THERE IS NONE. The idea that tax cuts and regulations cuts are all you need, and all the thinking you need to do, now sits there, damp and forlorn, like sopping, rotted drywall. It’s got to come out. Or do we see the GOP looking through a wallpaper book instead?